Our new visual identity has arrived!

Sandra DEJEAN, PharmD , CEO One Health Compliance

Identité visuelle OHC
old logo

Do you remember?

3 years ago, we started the One Health Compliance story, built on the experience acquired since 2007 in the field of medical devices and veterinary devices.


We then defined the concept of the logo based on the initials of the company name to create a unique pictogram.

The latter took into account three symbols:


  • the circle to express the safety, the synergy, the life cycle;


  • the flower petal to express the development, the health;


  • the labyrinth to express the follow-up, the knowledge, the “Breadcrumb Trail”.


The pictogram alone could also have the function of a compliance label issued by One Health Compliance.

The blue and green colors were intended to represent the healthcare sector in which we belong

Why this evolution?

While keeping its DNA, One Health Compliance has rethought its visual identity to be in line with its natural evolution.


This brand new graphic creation is a reflection of our ambition:


  • Facilitation: the clean lines of the logo and the graphic charter are intended to translate our support aimed to simplify the integration of regulatory requirements into your approach for the benefit of the patients, the healthcare professionals and your business.


  • Growth: through our coaching activity, we want to allow you both to position yourself as an actor who matters in the health sector but also to allow you to grow your organization by optimizing your internal processes and promoting the rise in skills of your collaborators.


  • Continuity of working on the “one health” concept: without barriers, without borders between human and animal health, we want to promote collaboration between these complementary fields which will make it possible to improve innovations for health.

The story continues!

We look forward to continuing to collaborate with you on your human and animal health projects!

October 5, 2020


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